Why does it work so well?

Mongu provides a unique solution for 10-14 years of age for the proper and safe use of their mobile devices and social media. It prepares the child for the operation of the online world and the conscious use of the apps.

You must have already wondered that

  • is there really an effective security solution on the market?
  • do these solutions have a positive effect on parent-child relationships?

Choose Mongu instead of controlling, monitoring and blocking

Most parental control apps build on the restriction and collect data about your child's mobile use, which parents can "analyze". It is easy to imagine how this affects the parent-child relationship.

Mongu helps your child navigate the world of social media

A complete ban is not always the best option. If the child considers the restriction to be meaningless, he will conceal and even be resourceful enough to circumvent the rules.

Kids are smart, and if they understand what and why need to be done on the Internet, that knowledge becomes an intrinsic value. This gives them stronger protection than any other technical solution.

Mongu helps your child navigate the world of social media instead of total restriction.

It monitors the learning process and conveys a lot of useful information to children and parents alike.

This means learning together, and the common experience strengthens the parent-child relationship.

Teaches with entertaining videos

It is a widespread pedagogical principle that, at the age of 10-14 years, the knowledge acquired in the game is more deeply engraved and become the norm.

Mongu's funny stories, based on everyday life situations, are easy to receive, understandable, and through their main character personal.

And responding to the videos and the questions they raise quickly develops a logical mindset that will allow the child to respond to online risky situations later on independently.

Sends notifications to parents

Mongu helps you keep the pace on digital changes for your child and get timely notice of current threats emerging in social media. This information can also give you a good basis for a conversation.

Mongu provides videos and short adventure games for children. The videos help learn how to apply digital novelties and develop automatic reactions to hazards.


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